How to Convert MOV and More to AVI / WMV / Flash and More (Easy, No Install)

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EDIT: Before making this video, the site Media-Convert did not have much traffic. But with this video, the ...
EDIT: Before making this video, the site Media-Convert did not have much traffic. But with this video, the site is now under high traffic, and might NOT work as well as it used to. The owner should be doing some upgrades soon. This is a tutorial on how to import .MOVs in Windows Movie Maker. I've noticed that many people can't find freeware that allows you to convert from MOV to whatever Windows Movie Maker would support. So, I did a bit of searching and found a simple way to do so without installing or downloading anything, and its free. Please comment or subscribe and I just might make more tutorials... ;) --------------------------- TROUBLESHOOTING: ERROR: "Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock'" - This is a database error, which is the site's fault. Nothing you can do about it other than wait it out. ERROR: "File size exceeds limit" - The service only allows video files under 150MB. If you have a video which is bigger than this, search Google for SUPER and download their program, which is free, but a bit more complicated. Use SUPER instead (see the link below) ERROR: "Windows Media Player does not recognize the .MSWMM extension" - When you finish editing your video in Movie Maker, you are supposed to PUBLISH your movie, not SAVE. Save As will save the project file in order for you to continue editing later; it does NOT turn it into a movie. ERROR: "Server is overloaded, please refresh home page" - Use this link instead: *******media-convert****/?popup=1 (Its an alternate server) ERROR: "Server not responding..." - Try again later, server is in high demand. ERROR: "The file is not valid - OR - File extension can correspond to more than one format. Please select the exact input format" - Check if your file input is the same as your video's file type. Normally Media-Convert can detect it correctly but sometimes it can't. EXAMPLE: If you are uploading a MPEG-4 video, make sure it says MPEG-4 in the Input! ---------------------------- Download SUPER video converter for file over 100mb (free but a little buggy): *******www.erightsoft****/S6Kg1.html (Scroll all the way down) ---------------------------- UPDATE: I'll be taking requests for tutorials as of now. If I know how to do it, and I think many other people will benefit from knowing the information, I'll record another tutorial. If you have a request, either comment on the video, send me a message, or comment on my channel. #36 - Most Discussed (This Month) - Howto & Style - Canada #60 - Top Favorites (This Month) - Howto & Style - Canada Thanks guys! (August 2008)