3 Biggest Fitness MISTAKES (shocking!)

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Get the full program at *******sixpackshortcuts****/?c=3&k=115 Hey guys, in this video I talk about the 3...
Get the full program at *******sixpackshortcuts****/?c=3&k=115 Hey guys, in this video I talk about the 3 biggest mistakes that 99% of all guys are making when it comes to getting a ripped body and six pack abs. Don't sweat it, its not your fault. Everybody including myself had made these mistakes, the key is to realize it early and avoid them so you can start seeing the results on your body. Mistake #1: DON'T FALL FOR FOODS THAT ARE MARKETED AS HEALTHY. Food companies have caught on to the trend of healthy eating and are trying to market/label their food products as healthy when they really are not. Do not get fooled. Anything out of fast food restaurants are still bad for you. Even if its labeled as "healthy" it still made with processed meats and other processed stuff. Chips, cookies, breads, etc... disregard if they are ;0 trans fat.... made with whole wheat grains.... no sugar added..... organic.....they are still no good. Eat whole foods proteins and natural carbs like rice, and potatoes. Mistake #2 DON'T REST SO LONG DURING YOUR EXERCISE. Most people rest 2-3 min b/t their exercise like they have all the time in the world! They do things like: - take their time as they walk to the water fountain, - change the music on their ipod, - have conversations with others - look around with a confused look as if they don't know what to do next. Have your workout planned out before hand and finish it as fast you can with high intensity and good form. Rest only 30 sec b/t your sets. You will burn more calories, build more muscle, strengthen your cardiovascular system(heart and lungs) and be more consistent on your workouts bc they are shorter and faster to finish. Mistake #3 TAKING ADVICE FROM THE WRONG PEOPLE Most people will take fitness advice from: - friends who are out of shape but think they know alot about working out and eating right ( but never done it) - Out of shape Trainers that tell you their way is the best and easiest way to get in shape but yet they can't seem to do it themselves. IF WHAT THEY SAY IS SO EFFECTIVE, WHY CAN'T THEY DO IT? - People who are in shape themselves, but never trained someone else besides themselves. They don't understand other people's bodies, problems, habits, lifestyle, etc....they only know their own, which makes them bad coaches when trying to help others. You need someone who: - are currently in great shape - been out of shape before and transformed their body - have transformed other people's bodies besides their own. -- And If you like our YouTube videos and you want to take the fast-track to getting a ripped body and six pack abs, I'd love for you to become a full Six Pack Shortcuts client! Six Pack Shortcuts is my full workout and nutrition course designed to get you a ripped body and six pack abs. What makes it unique is that the workouts are a unique combination of compound weightlifting and high intensity cardio designed to maximize the Afterburn Effect (scientific name: EPOC.) This allows you to burn more calories after your workout is over, so that you can get a lean and ripped faster. You can learn more from the "Afterburn Training" video here: *******sixpackshortcuts****/?c=3&k=115 And if you've gotten good results from following the YouTube videos, I encourage you to give the full system a try. You'll get full workout demonstrations of the exact workout plan I followed myself to get in shape, and which I still follow today. You'll also get my Zero Willpower Eating System, which will show you how to make healthy eating convenient, cheap, and simple. Learn more about Six Pack Shortcuts here: *******sixpackshortcuts****/?c=3&k=115 Train hard, Mike