Rajasthan Folk Music Kesariya Balam

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My Friends Bhutte Khan and Bhunger Khan Manganiar and Party sing the perennial Rajasthani Folk favourite Kesariya Balam Padharo Mhare Des. The Manganiyar community have performed their vibrant folk music for centuries in the desert regions of Rajasthan. Their songs form a chronicle of the life of the desert. Accompanied by the Dholak drums, the Manganiyar fiddle called the Kamaycha and the Khadtal - two wooden blocks held between fingers deftly manipulated with hand movements to create a staccato of rhythm - the Manganiyars peform their music on festive occasions, village gatherings, weddings, or for aristocratic patrons.

The songs are inspired by desert folklore, mythology, sufi mysticism and borrow from both Hindu and Muslim traditions. Bhutte and Bhunger Khan and party frequently tour outside India. Write to rajasthanifolkmusicartist@rediff.com or manganiarmusician@yahoo.com mobile 0091-9414493284 village taluka gaon kotra tesil shiv 344701 Rajasthan India

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