Nick Vujicic at the WELL DONE AWARDS - Part 2

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Nick Vujicic at the WELL DONE AWARDS Nick Vujicic shares his amazing story at the Kingdom Assignment 2nd A...
Nick Vujicic at the WELL DONE AWARDS Nick Vujicic shares his amazing story at the Kingdom Assignment 2nd Annual WELL DONE AWARDS Sunday June 1st 2008 at the Grove of Anaheim in California. Check out all the WELL DONE Performances from American Idol, Chris Sligh, Gospel Singer Zelda Mercado (Mom of Syesha) No Cussing Club founder McKay Hatch. When Leesa heard the name Nick Vujicic three times in one day she decided to pay attention. An email came across her computer and even though she knew Nick lived in Australia it still caused her to write and invite him to come see the Pacific Ocean off her and Denny's deck in Laguna Beach if he was ever in the area. Twenty-four hours later they had a date and a week later Leesa got her pic with Nick on her deck along with 30 invited guests to hear him speak. As people arrived Nick said; hey I can't shake your hand so how about a hug. We all fell in love with our Nick within a millisecond. As you will too this evening. There is no one like him on all the earth and I'm sure you will agree that when you even consider complaining about something in the future you will remember Nick and stop yourself. Maybe you saw him on ABC's 20/20 last month. He has spoken to over 2 million people in 14 countries. Nick has more energy than any Athlete I have ever seen. Check out this except from his website: Yesterday, Nick had a bit of fun swimming with the USA Men's Senior National Team for Team USA Water Polo at Oaks Christian High School in Westlake, California. Addressing the Team last Friday, Nick had the great joy of bringing a highly motivational message to spur them on in their rigorous efforts! The Head Coach for the team, Dr. Terry Schroeder, told Nick he was very touched, as were the team members. It helped them, Schroeder said, to have faith and maintain a good perspective. Afterwards, Nick was awarded an official Team USA Water Polo swim cap! (May 29, 2008) WELL DONE Nick Vujicic you have gone from "No limbs to No limits", (which is the name of Nick's soon to be released book). Wow! I hope that I am standing behind you when we get to heaven so I can see all the crowns you have earned to lay at the feet of Jesus. What a glorious day that will be. www.lifewithoutlimbs****