NEW LINKS!!! Halo 3 Modded Map Downloads Released! By:GameLeaker

By: GameLeaker


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I found a site where you can earn Free Xbox live Cards, Micro Point cards, Entire Xboxs and more. Check it out, Follow this link for a Faster start.

These are some of the modded maps i have, they are not all created by me some i found. I have 400+ modded maps to release on my site!!!!. right now, 412 and counting.

If you want these maps visit my website at
Then go to Forums, (upload/download section) and choose whatever modded maps you want!

NEWS:Just Added a new Modded map tutorial. This is why i havent been adding new modded maps lately.

Or for Other Gaming stuff, like RS bots

Here's a couple modded maps for you.
Titan Aquantica- the modded map on avalanche in Vid

Newstruct- not shown in video- Constuct

Planet Mod-

These are not my links!

Our site is also in progress, we should have more mods in 1 week tops! Has some right now though. i will add 10 more modded maps a day, my promise to our site... for now...

If im on feel free to ask for modded maps online and il give them too you that way too. But try to keep modded maps off your fileshare, i dont want you to lose your account or anything.
Best Regards-

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