Rahul Gandhi Budget Speech

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Rahul Gandhi Budget Speech
March 13 2008
New Delhi

Mr. Speaker Sir, thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak in support of the
budget 2008-2009.
Each one of us is responsible for listening to the people of India and reflecting their
voices in this august house. It is therefore a privilege for me to put forth my views
here today.
Mr. Speaker Sir, there are two distinct voices among India's people today. The louder
of these voices comes from an India that is empowered, an India that has proven to
itself and to the world that it will shape the future. It is an India rich with opportunity
and talent, straining to be unleashed.
The other voice is yet to be empowered. It is not as loud, but reverberates across the
country. It is the voice of disenfranchised people reminding us that they too have
potential to fulfil. They too are enterprising, hardworking, and self-reliant, and they
ask only to be given an opportunity.
Some believe that the progress of these two India's is not just separable but mutually
exclusive. Some believe that India can shine only when we direct attention and
resources to those Indians who already soar, while ignoring the aspirations of the
disempowered. Others believe that the poor will progress only if we stifle our
nation's entrepreneurial energy.
Our government believes that India's growth can and must be symbiotic. The two
India's are fundamentally inseparable. Our philosophy is not to choose which India

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