A Gift from Imam Hussain (A.S) : Dua

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*** I would like to share an incident with respect to this Dua with you all. A Shia Sister from UK was very...
*** I would like to share an incident with respect to this Dua with you all. A Shia Sister from UK was very keen to go on Ziyarat of Bibi Zainab's Roza during Arbaeen time earlier this year. As this dua has worked for me in the past, with respect to different issues, I recommended this to her too. I got the following email from her which after her permission, I am sharing with you all.: Salaamz. Basically after u told me to read that dua .... i read it lyk 1000 timez ... 2 nights later, my papa had a dream that Bibi was calling him. so he woke up and suddenly told us all and god knows how but like in no time we all had tickets ... and God knows wer the money came from too .. so i remembered u straight away ... coz seriously it was like a miracle i mean we had no money (secret by the way) we left on sunday then, and i prayed for you and ur family as soon as i saw the Roza because u wer the main reason of how i got ther if that makes any sense at all ! Anyways, if u still find all this weird, please delete all of them and pretend it never happened. thankyou tc bye *********************************************************** This is a beautiful Dua which was passed on by Imam Hussain (AS) to his son Imam Zain al Abideen (AS) on the day of Ashura. Dua recited by Br.Hussain Mukhtar Ali Translation: BY THE TRUTH OF YASEEN (A TITLE OF THE HOLY PROPHET) AND THE QURAN FULL OF WISDOM AND FOR THE SAKE OF TAA-HAA (ANOTHER TITLE OF THE HOLY PROPHET) AND THE GREAT QURAN O HE WHO IS ABLE TO FULFIL THE DESIRES OF THOSE ASK. O HE WHO KNOWS WHAT IS IN THE HEART. O HE WHO BANISHES SORROW FROM THE SORROWFUL. O HE WHO DISPELS GRIEF FROM THOSE WHO GRIEVE. O HE WHO IS MERCIFUL TO OLD MEN. O HE WHO PROVIDES FOR INFANTS. O HE WHO NEEDS NOT TO BE EXPLAINED. SEND BLESSINGS UPON MUHAMMAD AND HIS PROGENY AND FULFIL FOR ME(MENTION YOUR WISHES If you need Arabic text then please send me your email and I will email you the Dua.