Jessi Slaughter Dun Goofed Up!! (I Backtraced It)

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Scream and I decided to share our views of this Jessi Slaughter person after we had recently heard news media stories on this girl. After we saw the video and numerous of her own videos, we become dumbfounded as to what we had seen and heard, Watch for more detail. After you watch this video and the links below, consequences will NEVER be the same again.

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News Story:


Jessi expressing her "anger":

P.S. This is not hating on Jessi Slaughter, it is talking about how her parents could've done a better job teaching her morals and teaching her how to use the internet. It also touches the topic of parenting today. I know that Jessi Slaughter is 11 years old and she's maturing, but she still hasn't learned her lesson about the internet. Here's proof:

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