War of the Worlds -Soundtrack- (1 of 7)

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This series of seven videos covers the soundtrack of Steven Spielberg's The War of the Worlds, written and composed by John Williams.

Here is a list of the tracks for each of the videos:

#1: Introduction (Narrator) / Tripod Siren / Reaching The Country

#2: The Intersection Scene / Ray And Rachel

#3: Escape From The City / The Ferry Scene

#4: Probing The Basement / Refugee Status

#5: The Seperation Of The Family / The Confrontation With Ogilvy

#6: The Return To Boston / Epilogue

#7: The Reunion (Including Narrator)

Thank you for listening, and feel free to leave your votes/comments. Let's all discuss the War of the Worlds fluff if you want, or the the movies too, anything you wish, as long as it is done with respect to each others.

All the credits go to non other than Mr. John Williams (thank you Mr. Williams for this great score which I believe is one of your best in years).

Last, but not least, are my final thanks to the defunct father of science-fiction himself, the honorable Mr. Herbert George Wells, for being the originator of The War of the Worlds, in the same act creating the actual science-fiction genre in an era otherwise deprived of such exotic imagination focused on the unknown and the probable.

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