Somalia: Ogaden War 77/79 Somalia Vs Ethiopia & Co

By: abunas2008


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This documentary film is about the Ogaden War 77/79 between Somalia vs. Ethiopia & Co (USSR, Cuba, North Korea, South Yemen, Libya).

This documentary provides evidence that Ethiopia is dependent on foreign powers when fighting its bitter enemy, The GREAT SOMALIA!

It also highlights the possible invasion/occupation of Somalia by the then USSR (Soviets).

Who knows? Maybe this possible invasion/occupation could have been beneficial to the Somalis and we might not be in the current state we are facing right now.

This documentary also include exclusive interviews with the former US president Jimmy Carter, the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro & former Russian officials in which they confess that the Ethiopians were dependent on military support & with out the USSR & allies Ethiopia would have been defeated by Somalia!

Let the truth be told & REAL history be re-written!


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