Tsubasa Chronicle - You Are My Love (English Version)

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If you want to subscribe me please subscribe/add my new account: http://www.youtube.com/user/xForbiddenFairytale Thankies [: UPDATE O8'O3'O9: Please look at my new vid of Tsubasa Chronicles, you can find it under this vid n_n Or follow this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-vxPN5u3xg&feature=channel_page I'm dying to know what you people think of it ^__^, so please rate and comment =3 -- Song : You are my love Artist : Eri Itoh ( NOT ME !! ) This is my first vid I ever made, and I hope you gonna like it! ^_^ I made this vid because I really love Tsubasa Chronicle, and I hope the 3th season will come fast ^_^! -- Even though I know there probably won't be a third season, I'm still hopin ^__^ -- Well, let me know what you think of it! Update 24-03-2008: Please read the important update too. Lyrics: Kiss me sweet, I'm sleeping in silence All alone in ice and snow In my dream I'm calling your name You are my love In your eyes I search for my memory Lost in vain, so far in the scenery Hold me tight, and swear again and again We'll never be apart If you could touch my feathers softly, I'll give you my love We set sail in the darkness of the night, out to the sea To find me there, To find you there, Love me now, If you dare. Kiss me sweet, I'm sleeping in sorrow All alone, to see you tomorrow In my dream I'm calling your name You are my love My love .. IMPORTANT UPDATE 19-02-2008: Please stop commenting on my vid with the text "I like the Japanese version better." If you prefer that one, just listen to the Japanese version then. Maybe I'll make the Japanese version later, but at the moment I don't have time to do it because of my homework. Thanks for all the other comments I'm glad most of you like it ^__^. I've never thought that so many people would like it xd. Thanks again ^__^! THANK YOU ALL FOR THE 200+ COMMENTS, 75.000+ VIEUWS AND 300+ RATINGS ^____^ O4'O7'O8 THANKS FOR THE 90.000+ VIEUWS AND 400+ RATINGS ^____^ 21'O2'1O Thank you all so much for the 300.000+ vieuws, 1500+ ratings and almost 800 comments! I never thought you people would like this vid so much [: Thanks again!