Sweets: *Cupcakes & Cookies* 3D Acrylic Nail Art Design Tutorial

By: 3TanjaJ3


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Yum! hehe ^^ and chocolate chip cookies, doesn't get much more delicious than that right ? :D hehe. I got some requests for some yummy delicious 3D deco ^^ and requests for another cupcake design - I have one more 3D cupcake design that will be uploaded, it has more of an icing kind of look and not so much cream filling style ^^
and yes, I know.. I'm still uploading often,. well.. hmm, can't find a good excuse, but I'll slow down at some point ^^ I just have so many I want to get posted.. I have more characters, sanrio and non sanrio, I have 3D sushi nails, some cute stuff that's hard to describe ^^, a care bear one, candy themed and more halloween tutorials of course :)

Music provided by: Jason Shaw @ audionautix.com

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