Fiona Fox- So What

By: malego222


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November 2nd 2008 (Update) I thought this song fit fiona pretty good! So I used it lol

I absolutly love this song, So I decided to make a video with Fiona fox and this song. I like fiona as a character but I don't like her as much as shadow or other people.
X3 Lots of people hate Fiona, and I know why, but thats your opinion. XD
Oh and just to be random today is thanksgiving in Canada. X3

Song: So what
Artist: Pink

Video by: malego222

Fiona Fox (c) Archie comics
Scourge the hedgehog (c) Archie comics
Sonic the hedgehog (c) Sega
Tails (c) Sega

^_^ Enjoy the video

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