Nostale Online Hacking

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How to hack Nostale online!

1. Download ACtool from
2. Download this script for actool (for lvl 1-20):
3. And download this script for actool (for lvl 20+):

Game options for lvl 1-20:
set Swing (attack skill) at nr 1
Set Pickup at nr 3
Set Rest at T

Game options for lvl 20+
Set swing (attack skill) at nr 1
Set pickup at nr 3
Set your own skill at nr 4
set hp potion at W
Set MP potion at R

Begin with the hack:
step1: Start AC tool 5.4.0
step2: Open The script (lvl 1-20)or(lvl 20+)
Step3: Set number of time to run at 0 (in actool)

Step4: Click on Start
Step5: Go back to the game and clike 1 enemy for attack.
Step6: You are now done

How to use megaupload? check this video

Note: There is a boy on youtube that has stolen my video (this video) plz don't go to him site he ask money for my FREE script. I give this script for FREE to you, not for money!!!

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