Classic Game Room HD - SHIREN THE WANDERER for Wii Review

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Classic Game Room HD reviews SHIREN THE WANDERER for Nintendo Wii from Atlus. This is a Japanese style adventure role playing game RPG (or JRPG) for Nintendo Wii which can be played with the regular Wiimote or the awesome Wii Classic Controller. Wander feudal Japan, meet interesting creatures and cut them in half to earn experience points. Control up to three party members in your wandering adventures but don't lose your items! Save them, copy them, lock them in a vault or sell the on eBay and spend the money on beer before you go wandering. If you get sacked in an adventure you lose your stuff and have to buy it again. This CGR review of Shiren the Wanderer on Nintendo Wii has gameplay from Shiren the Wanderer on Wii showing game play in action. Developed by Chun Soft.

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