(HST) UFO Files - UFOs Vs The Government - 1

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Go to the limits of human experience...and beyond. From the fringes of the galaxy to our own backyards, the UFO FILES searches for evidence of life beyond our world. Tracing the long, convoluted history of UFO encounters and research, this unique series opens new windows into the controversial field.

For years, people have claimed that the government has covered up proof of the existence of UFOs. For years, the government has denied the rumors as groundless. Spaceships versus weather balloons. Aliens versus mannequins. Both sides claim the other is lying or misguided; both sides present considerable evidence.

Examine some of the most famous UFO cases of all time in an attempt to get to the bottom of this ongoing debate. Does the secret military base in Nevada known as Area 51 house the bodies and vessel of aliens who crashed in the desert 50 years ago? What happened in the night skies over Rendlesham Forest, near London? Numerous interviews provide a balanced look at these and other famous cases. Witnesses including highly decorated military pilots tell of their encounters with craft that they could not identify, while the world's most experienced UFO investigators offer their opinions of what really happened.

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