Do You Have To Face Mecca?

By: Khalid Green


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Prayer during travel and facing the qiblah, Mecca, the kaabah We love Ahl Bayt and the Companions and wives of the Prophet (saw) may Allah be pleased with them all. Hadeeth allowing the women to go to the masjid if their is benefit. TThe Salaf, Ahl Sunnah takes their creed and religion From The Prophet Muhammad (saw) unlike the Khawaarij and Ashaariis and other extremists like the Raafidah Shia Muslim rights upon each other - that's real love We Love the Companions Sahabah (rad) and The Wives of the Prophet (saw) unlike the Shia Rawaafidh Fear Allah, good deeds, and good manners "Allah (Deity)" Quran Islam God love charity sacrifice salafi minhaj manners scholars sahabah tabieen companions ra sufism salafitalk jihad worship Muhammad Prophet surah path guidance islamic faith seattle Muslims Koran Need Sheikh Holy Ahmed Nasheed Imam Ramadan Convert Future This video was uploaded from an Android phone
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