The Music of the Bible Revealed: Song of Songs 4:1-16

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Suzanne Haik-Vantoura, CANTIQUE DES CANTIQUES DE SALOMON DANS SA MELODIE D'ORIGINE, Alienor AL 1045 CD, (P) 1992 (original recording made in November 1986). In this version of the Song of Songs I have made some features of the videos more self-consistent (such as the word "tam" at the end of each chapter). I have also backed each chapter with a graphic taken from the same chapter in the Leningrad Codex B-19a. Finally, rather than sticking rigorously to the melodic-verbal syntax in all cases, I have limited each slide to phrases of two or at most three Hebrew words or word clusters each - and even so this policy has an inconsistency or two in application Hopefully this will add all the same to the readability of the text as the music proceeds. Some words are marked with an asterisk (*) to indicate the "qere" (what is read, as opposed to what is written). In Chapter 8:5 some words are marked with a plus sign (+) in order to indicate words which were taken "as is" but which (according to musical-verbal and text-critical evidence) should be taken as referring to Shulamith (and therefore feminine, not masculine in gender).
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