Let's Get WASTED!

By: bubbiosity


Uploaded on February 22, 2010 by bubbiosity Powered by YouTube


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My Clothing Line:

This video is for a good cause. Will put you off drink. Share with your friends and inspire them today.

This is why I stay sober in bars/clubs. I can sit and be super entertained by what is happening around me. Trust me, it is so much more fun than getting drunk. You may be able to relate to this XD Going out is so much fun but sometimes it can be a bum.

Why do we go clubbing for? We pay to get our ears damaged, takes forever to get a drink, its dangerous, you say the wrong thing, you end up making a fool out of yourself.. For everything I just said of course =DDD

So in this video, you get to chill with the Bubz in her favourite hang out spot BUBZ CLUB....what? Come on! Its a cool club name! ... whatever! Shut up! lol..

Drunk chicks are hilarious =D The more aggressive and unladylike they become, THE BETTER. I Like. Oh by the way, 15 20 is a drinking game us chinese people play. I pretend I'm good at it but in reality, I SUCK at it because the game requires skill...

I got the dancing with grapefruit inspiration from my gran. She came home holding two melons one day and it was the funniest/best day ever. Remind anybody of Vicky Pollard? I duno...

Much love,
Bubz xx

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