Conan: The Adventurer

By: 2tough


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The Hyborian Age... A time of wizards, warriors and kings. From this time of fantasy and magic comes CONAN. He is a warrior, an adventurer, a conquerer, a hero and a legend. In tune with the natural world and constantly alert, CONAN's natural strength overcomes the most dangerous situations he faces. He lives by a chivalrous code that values loyalty, honesty and fairness, Naïve in the ways of the world, but filled with boundless energy and youthful enthusiasm, CONAN's fabulous quest takes him from untamed hills to trackless jungles to impassable mountains, freezing glaciers to rushing rivers. He encounters scheming sorcerers, treacherous snake men and marvelous winged creatures. He befriends powerful warriors and seafaring pirates. CONAN is a man of action -- direct, blunt, fearless and ever willing to fight for good. His phenomenal strength and courage can conquer any enemy.

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