Myanmar Kickboxing (Lethwei - Burma)

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Myanmar Kickboxing match highlight video clip.

This is not Muay Thai; it's a sibling kickboxing type from Myanmar which is a little similar to Muay Boran (Boran is banned relative and brutal type of Muay Thai). This is called Myanma Lethwei - Raw, bold, uncompromised, uncivilised kickboxing. No gloves. No protection. Can use all limbs, knees, elbows plus headbutts. Softened the traditional bloody ways to be adaptable to modern kickboxing rules at present time (uses gauze cloth as gloves instead of bare fist etc). Fight till death was common in the ancient times. There were no such results as draws. Only win or lose by knockout or the other fighter cannot continue. Current matches are regulated in similar rules to Muay Thai and other kickboxing matches.
Interestingly, commentators in Myanmar kickboxing matches try to motivate the boxers and tell them to hit and kick when the boxers are hestitating. Commentators yell and scream like "Hi Yaaa... Yeaaaaa!!" to motivate the audience and the fighters. Myanmar traditional music is also playing live (similar to Muay Thai matches), and the music plays accordingly with the moves and tempo of the fight in the ring.

Excuse the sound dub on punches in the video. That's what the video editors do to make it more appealing...:)and ofcourse this is highlight, not all fighting time (say 15 minutes) is exactly like this.

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