Animusic 2 - Gyro Drums

By: Mechaffix326


Uploaded on August 24, 2008 by Mechaffix326 Powered by YouTube

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This is a computer generated video showing three drumming robots playing an increasing array of percussion instruments. All of the robots and instruments are attached to parts of a giant gyroscope.

There are 4 drum kits.

1st drum kit with:
04 snare drums
04 bass drums
02 hi-hats
10 tom tom drums
08 zap and buzz synthesized drums
08 cymbals

2nd drum kit with:
03 hi-hats
02 cowbells
02 woodblocks
04 timbales
04 bongo drums
08 tom tom drums
10 cymbals

3rd drum kit with:
04 gongs
08 bass drums
08 snare drums
16 cymbals
52 tom tom drums

4th drum kit with:
08 wood-shelled maracas
08 metal-shelled maracas

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