Rebecca B. Vs Nyan Cat: an INTERACTIVE Pokemon Battle. - Space Travel.

By: megacaviagek


Uploaded on May 13, 2011 by megacaviagek Powered by YouTube

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Well it took me 2 weeks to make this but here it is! Enjoy!
Also my first interactive video ever. It features Rebecca Black wit her song 'Friday' and also (poptart) Nyan cat with his song. Again, this is not meant to be hurtful to anyone, rebecca could also win!

I woke up on a beautiful morning and then this idea came up in me. So yeah that's the whole story actually. The Ironic thing is it was on a Friday. made in after effects CS3.

Credit's to Rebecca Black , this video is not meant to be hurtful to her, nor anyone. You got to admit Rebecca makes some good music, such as 'My Moment. She's from Pop Last Night Singer.
Also saraj00n for Nyan (poptart) cat
And of course nintendo for brining the pokemon game out! Pokemon is righted by nintendo and i do not own any of the items used in this video, although I made the most part of the things myself.
DJAelxs for his song at the ending (Nyan Cat dubstep remix)

Well enjoy this video, I'm going to make me a sandwich.

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