Darth Vader Force FX LIghtsaber Review

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The Darth Vader Force FX Lightsaber
This is the Darth Vader lightsaber replica from Star Wars.
It features tough die-cast metal parts in the hilt that makes it look and feel like the real deal. However, it is not heavy at all. It really is well constructed.
Its got a sturdy polycarbonate blade that is permanently attached to the hilt that displays a very realistic red power-up and power-down thanks to the 64 LEDs that run up it.
When you turn it on the saber powers up and as has a few motion sensors in it that gives it the sound of moving around. All the sounds are authentic. They are digitally recorded from Lucasfilm. Also has battle clash sounds when you hit things.
Not that I recommend you go out and go hard for if you blow a LED there's no replacing it. Your only hope then is to convert it using the guys at ultrasabers.com.
The saber is about 1.15 metre long /36inches from top to bottom,
It comes with a handsome display stand and requires 3x "AA" batteries.
Hope the review helps you out.

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