[NightStep/Nightcore] - Do Or Die

By: TeddiursasTunes1003


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☆ NIGHTCORE [HARD ELECTRO POP/DUBSTEP] ☆ (NEW SONG, CAME OUT JUST NOW!!) Original Song: Do Or Die - 3OH!3 Nightcore: Me :D Picture: http://konachan.com/post/show/136218/cleavage-gloves-headphones-megurine_luka-signed-th WOW!! AMAZING AWESOME NEW 3OH!3 SONG!! :D I love it!!! :D And, since the song just came out, I'm pretty sure I'm the first channel that ever Nightcore it! :) We haven't seen Luka in a while! ;P PLEASE READ: I do not own anything, the audio or the picture. All the credits go to the respective owners. I only upload this to share great music with the world. Leave likes, comments and ☆ SUBSCRIBE ☆ if you like the video and want more! ;D And leave requestes too! ;D
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