Battlefield 3 Beta Long Range Sniping in Caspian Border

By: mflux


Uploaded on October 10, 2011 by mflux Powered by YouTube

Video collection of some sharp shooting practice on Caspian Border ranging between 300 to 900+ meters.

"y u no spot" - I do, it just doesn't work sometimes in the beta at these ranges. The red dorito is also hard to see in this video. Always spot, recon!

"what gun?" - M98B, bipod, 12x scope

"camper" - Practicing, I swear. The same shots can be applied to defending, neutralizing, and attacking. Once retail comes out, camping in one spot will not work for anyone. We all will know the hiding locations.

"how do you see / hit" - The 2560x1200 resolution helps with insanely small targets. Hitting people at long ranges is just experience and practice. Once you can hit someone at a certain range / location, you can consistently do it. I believe in you!

"why is your crosshair so still / no sway" - Bipod eliminates the sway. So does holding shift, temporarily. See 1:30 where I had to make a non-bipod shot.

"what is your longest shot?" - 1066m, was not recording on fraps at the time

Music: Yoko Shimomura "Take the Offensive" (Front Mission) - Drammatica

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