Solar System Planets (from Smallest to Largest)

By: gscrean


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(Pluto is no longer classified as a planet, but it's there for size comparison. As for the Sun, it was never a planet but is here for the very same reason.)

I always wanted to see a one-by-one comparison of the sizes of the planets, so I put the numbers into my 3d program. These are all correct proportions (of size, not distance).

Tamen, the final planet, was a world we created when we were children. Obsessed with size, we said it was 1,000 times larger than Earth's sun (this was actually only 100 times larger, because 1000 made the sun so small you couldn't really see it). We later learned that such a planet would have to much gravity that not only would no living thing survive, but you may get a nice little black hole started right there in the planet!

Wow... and I just realized that had the sun have been sitting where it is in this video, it'd be sucked into the planet instantly.

*Music Appropriately taken from season 1&2 of the BBC's Red Dwarf.

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