Extracts from Stuart Wilde

By: RevolutionaryJam


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This video was intended as a response to this video:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4ObvUeGAk4 by adampants2007

I made it because I felt the need to and synchronicities backed the intuition up.
I don't entirely know it's purpose.

The quote in the frame, which was the purpose of the response, is from an article of Stuart Wilde I saw 5-6 years ago, I cannot find it!
I found some of it re-posted here! : http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?t=3227
Voice-over is selected extrapts from the first CD of the audio serries "The Journey Beyond Enlightenment" by Stuart Wilde.

"Most of your fear, uncertainty, and self-doubt is fed to you by demonic entities that blip slime into your subconscious without your knowing it. Those negative impulses appear during your waking day, as irrational fears, nastiness, emotional violence, and other more obscure emotions like the subtle unspoken hatred many have for others."

I've come to understand it as something like hooks. When you allow yourself some nastininess you create a hook that an entity can hang itself from. Like rain creeping into a crack and freezing, the weight of these entities on the hook erodes your virtue and exaggerates your vice. Call me crazy if you wish but always guard your virues and protect yourself against letting in new vices.

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