Serious Sam II - Planet Ellenier - Castle of Rock Part One (All Secrets Found) (HD)

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Planet: Ellenier Level: Castle of Rock (Part One) Secrets: Three Difficulty: Normal After emerging from th...
Planet: Ellenier Level: Castle of Rock (Part One) Secrets: Three Difficulty: Normal After emerging from the Royal Sewers, Sam now finds himself in the gardens in front of the Castle of Rock. He now needs to find the four greatest singles of all time in order to advance to the foregrounds of the Castle. The first area took me a long time to get right mainly due to the fact that the first Secret sometimes just didn't function properly. Sometimes, the coin wouldn't be where it was supposed to be (or didn't appear at all) or when placing said coin in the Gnaar's hat, the secret didn't trigger. It finally worked after I was forced to quit and restart the game. I guess there was one thing that the latest patch missed. Other problems I ran into were the Clowns. By themselves, they didn't cause the problem, it was the fact I had no idea where they were coming from until they were up close. Most of the time they decided to engage in random attack patterns just to throw me off even more. This is the reason why there is a lot of wandering about in this part. At least they were useful for something, as shown at 4:56, when after shooting a Clown, it inadvertently revealed the second Secret to me. The second area of the level wasn't as frustrating as the first due to the number of slow moving Zombie Stockbrokers encountered. In my haste to rid the area of them all, I almost forgot about the third and final Secret until I went back and retrieved some Shotgun ammo. Apologies about the saxophone playing Gnaar. After a while in practice, it would cease playing but when it came to the final recording it wouldn't stop. -------------------------------- Secret One: In the central area (where the fountain is), there will be a Gnarr with a saxophone with a hat in front of it. When you start the level; off to the left is a area with a flowerbed, there should be a coin with a picture of the King on it (see 0:48). Take it to the hat and drop it in to discover a Jonny Lee Gnaar Secret which rewards you with a Treasure Bag. Non-Secret: When you make your way toward the second Gold Record, you will be ambushed by several Scorp Soldiers. Afterwards, look up and you should see a +50 health sitting atop a floating fan. Shoot it down with a Rocket. Secret Two: As you make your way toward the exit of the first area, there is a hedge (see 4:56) which can be blasted apart with a Rocket or a nearby Clown. Inside is a Secret Treasure Chest. Secret Three: As you enter the second area, you will be ambushed by two Football Players. There should be a well in front of you as soon as you enter. Blast it apart with a couple of Rockets to find a Secret (Item) Treasure Bag.