Tom Lehrer - The Vatican Rag

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Over the years a lot of people have been offended by this song, also on YouTube. But the YouTube user "mtheadedwally" offered some help. Here is what he wrote:

"This song was written in response the Vatican 2 decree that the music of the liturgy would be modernised. Tom Lehrer was merely responding to this with a suggestion as to how the liturgy might sound in a modern format. There is nothing anti-catholic about it - Lehrer knocks everyone, even his own people and belief systems; it's not an -sm, it's satire. If you are offended by it, then try this; DON'T LISTEN!"

Mr. Tom Lehrer did react to "The Tom Lehrer wisdom channel" on YouTube. He said that he is fine with the postings, as long as the performance is not altered and as long as it's free in the YouTube flash video format. Do NOT ask for any video originals, ever again.

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