The Infidel; News for the Damned (2012-04-25)

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Welcome to The Infidel; News for the Damned. This is a soon-to-be-daily news show for Atheists. Visit our web site at The Infidel needs you! If you like what you see, and if you wish to join our team, please contact . Today's news: * Christians under attack in Somalia * Should religions use a metaphorical or literal approach? * Apologist bias leads to an incomplete conclusion More info: * Murder and cannibalism is part of a Brazilian cult's creed More info: CREDITS The Infidel was brought to you by AtheismTV. News Anchor: LJonYT Producer / Newswriter: NicolSD Newswriter: Lesley Newswriter: COEXISTential Newswriter: Eroteme Graphics: Onespecies Planet images: BionicDance
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