The Basement: Episode Six

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Episode 6: "I Wish I Was A Superhero!"

Starring (in alphabetical order):
Lynsey Bartilson as Blaire
Jared Bell as Freddy
Kim Fifield as Rosie
Eric Pumphrey as Michael
Lindsey Reckis as Claire
Tommy Savas as Jason

Directed, Shot, Scored & Edited by: Jason Schnell
Written by: Lindsey Reckis
Story by: Eric Pumphrey, Jason Schnell & Rachel Miner
Produced by: Eric Pumphrey, Lindsey Reckis, Jason Schnell & Rachel Miner

Costume Design & Make-up: Callan Stokes
Assistant Director: Clark Huff & Dan Vogel
Production Designer: Davan O'Firinn
Special Effects Make-up: Davan O'Firinn & Zulma Terceroa
Camera Assistant: Joseph Réohm
Still Photographer: Michell Irwin
B-Roll Camera Op: Duffy Dibbley & Dan Vogel

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