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An Arabic song about Palestine by Hany Shaker... Al Shaheed (the martyr). Don't need to know Arabic to understand the song because the video makes it pretty clear.

Shaheed (Arabic: شهيد šahīd, plural: شهداء šuhadā') is a religious term in Islam, that literally means "witness". It is a title that is given to a Muslim after his death, if he died during the fulfillment of a religious commandment, or during a war for the religion. In addition to its religious connotation, the term is also commonly used in the Indian subcontinent by Hindus and Sikhs as the equivalent of martyr. Arab Christians use the term to describe persons killed on duty or during wars. In this case, the term equals the term martyr.

The shaheed is considered as one whose place in Paradise is promised, according to the verse in the Qur'an "Think not of those who are slain in Allah's way as dead. Nay, they live, finding their sustenance in the presence of their Lord." ("Aal-e-Imran" sura, verse 169).

A martyrdom operation is a military or terrorist attack in which the attacker is expected to die; most often a suicide bombing. The term is used by armed Muslim militants, or other similar or related groups. Islamist militants use this term as they do not see their attacks as an act of suicide, which is prohibited by Islam. While most combat involves a chance of death, a "martyrdom operation" implies a deliberate act of self-sacrificial suicide. The term is a neologism.

In Arabic, suicide bombings or martyrdom operations are called Shuada or Is-shtahad, both coming from the root Shaadi ("Testimony") that refers to the act of declaring one's belief in Islam. The suicide bombers are called "Shahids" and after their death attain the rank of a Martyr.

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