FA/18 SUPER HORNET Twin 70mm 360 TV Flight Review in HD Part ONE!

By: bananahobby


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Hey pilots! I am so excited to bring to you this flight review! Before we get started, I just want to say how disappointed I am to not be able to give you all more flying and more aggressive flying. You all know me for never holding back when it comes to wringing out an aircraft for a review! The winds on this day of the review were so strong, the F18 actually was blown upside down on the runway breaking many parts including the canopy mechanism. From that I did some quick repair and gave you guys and gals the best flying I could do with 30 plus knots of turbulent cross winds. No one was flying, but yours truly flew this for you. Keep an eye out for Part II coming real soon! I love this FA/18 and I can't wait to bring to you the next review! ~ Pete

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