Justin Bieber Hits On Barbara Walters The View! - Runaways! - Lohan Banned From India!

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Follow Buck on Twitter: *******twitter****/buckhollywood Friend Buck on Facebook: *******www.facebook****/buckhollywood Thank you for rating/thumbs up! I love you for subscribing!!!! Comment Questions of the Day: Answer ANY or ALL! I enjoy the discussion! 1. Why is Miley deeper than you? (does she die in the movie?) 2. Does my voice sound sexy (you can't really tell can you? I have NO VOICE now!) 3. Did you watch Justin Bieber on the View? Had you seen him on TV before? What did you think of his song, Never Let You Go? 4. Do you play any musical instruments?? ( I played trombone and piano!) 5. Do you have a wee-me? (fast forward to 5 mins to find out) 6. What's your fave Madonna song ALL TIME ( me - Like a Prayer) 7. Did you get the movie reference at 6:30? 8. Are you going to see Runaways? 9. Are you eco-friendly? (like Dina Lohan's tooth brush) BONUS: Just say hey sexy! _______ In this video, I cover Miley Cyrus on GMA and why she is so DEEP! Justin Bieber's performance on The View and hitting on the Wawa! Gross! Glee is releasing a Madonna CD, I sing a little medley to celebrate. Did I mention I am losing my voice (are you thrilled?) Lindsay Lohan is possibly banned from India for being a Twitter bragging skank and mother Dina has teamed up to bring you a very green, very special toothbrush. I hope you enjoy!!!! Have a wonderful day! New episode will be up tomorrow! Yay! xoxo Michael "Buck" Tags: Justin Bieber on The View Flirts With Barbara Walters Never Let You Go Miley Cyrus Good Morning America My World 2.0 Kristen Stewart Dakota Fanning Runaways lesbian kiss Dina Lohan Green toothbrush Lindsay banned from India What the Buck Michael Buckley YouTube funny comedy entertainment news celebrity gossip WATCH BIEBER ON THE VIEW HERE: *******buckhollywood****/justin-bieber-on-the-view-miley-is-deep-runaways-lohan-toothbrush/