IOS 6 Beta 4 Overview and Features

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This is a vide describing the changes in iOS 6 beta 4 just released to the public today. If you are running beta 3 you can do an OTA update to obtain this new build. The most notable change being that the YouTube App is missing from iOS 6 now, and will be released at a later date in the App Store. If you are interested in acquiring iOS 6 beta on your iDevice right now please visit: for more information. Thanks for watching! FOR ALL ASKING ABOUT THE SCREEN: It is an actual red digitizer and LCD screen I bought online and installed on my iPhone myself. There is no case or screen protector making it look red. I left the old white home button on so that explains why it is white. The back is also red as well, a red glass pannel for the back. I have a regular white bumper I got on Amazon for $1 from some Chinese seller, that is what explains the white border around the phone. If you are interested in buying one for yourself then you can visit the link below for the iPhone 4S. If this still doesn't answer your question then feel free to leave a comment :) Link:
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