August Rush - Bari Improv by Francesco "La Musica Nel Cuore"

By: pacofdl


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Hi guys! After watching the wonderful movie "August Rush", La musica nel cuore, in Gorizia with my friends, I was really impressed by the movie itself and by the soundtracks which made it lovely. I thought it would be great for me to cover the best track played by August (Freddie Highmore)in that movie.. It is just an improvisation but it is really impressive and full of rythm. I did not use any tab or music sheet, because they don't exist, since the track is an improvisation. It is called "Bari Improv", by Kaki King and it is considered as the main soundtrack of the movie. I hope you will appreciate this attempt; Freddy Highmore uses a Gibson J200, I use a Taylor is not obviously the same sound but it sounds good. Keep in contact with me for new video releases in the next days Francesco - San Benedetto del Tronto
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