NEW IPod Touch 4g Review - Video Test - Comparison to 2g/3g

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Official iPod Touch 4th gen review and comparison to the 2nd/3rd gen + video tests.

The New iPod Touch 4th generation is sleeker, more stylish and higher quality with the Retina Display and thinner design.
It feels better in hand and overall looks awesome! Also the 2 cameras make it a outstanding deal to choose the 4th gen over the 3rd/2nd.

I think its a better deal to go with the ipod touch 4th gen then the iphone 4 because first you don't have to pay for a plan which costs thousands of dollars over the 3 years and if you loose your ipod touch 4th gen (-230$) it its not like you'll have to buy another iphone 4 (-500$)
And with the extra money you save you can buy a HD camera which shoots full HD for less then 250$ which is a much better way to go.
I'd rather take around a Flip MinoHD and ipod touch then a iphone 4 just so I feel a little less worried about loosing one.

Watch the review for more info on the iOS 4.1 and the video quality.


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If your wondering, this is a video I spent most time on with the glass background and the high quality filming and camera movement, So I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do. (Filmed on the Nikon D5000)
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