Regard Sur Le Printemps Arabe with English Translation... Janine D English

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In America, Europe and Asia, populations have greeted and warmly welcomed this "Arab Spring" which ...
In America, Europe and Asia, populations have greeted and warmly welcomed this "Arab Spring" which exploded January 2010 in Tunisia subsequently spread like wildfire in several Arab countries, throwing down regimes until then reputed irremovable or even eternal. And the process is still growing... But this enthusiasm however rapidly left place to a feeling of incomprehension because everyone in the West, including at leadership level, was intrigued, unable to explain the causes of this sudden eruption, unable also to predict where it may lead. Today, after two years, worries and concerns are growing and a lot of questions are popping up: Why has all this happened? Why only now and not ten years or twenty years ago? Are their motivations humanist or religious? Is this revelation for better or for worst? Too many questions, no answers! And only time will tell In the mean time I wanted to trigger emotions and open a wide channels of communication, I wrote, directed and performed a song, a clip, a cry of suffering, despair and pain denouncing the tragedy in which the Arab populations have been living for so long This combination of images, a clip that points the finger at the characteristics of this tragedy, A clip that contributes on delivering a global message. A simple and beautiful message of Love, Humanity, Compassion and Hope... The title of the song Regard, meaning look in English. A tender and compassionate look from the perspective of population, the Arabs who ounce loved their leaders entrusted them power and responsibility and who were deceived and abused by these leaders. To express in a shattering manner, the deception and the anger of the Arabs, I have written lyrics where the people speaks to their leader exactly like a loving woman would speak to her deceiving and cheating lover! " Why have you betrayed the love which I have given you so many times unconditionally, if only you understood my need to be loved" This chorus repeated several times in the song, pointing the finger at leaders and their lack of love... to their people... if they only loved them! Things would have been different...But today the consequences of all this unhealthy relationship produced, Anger, poverty, ignorance and chaos. My nature is optimistic so I end my message with hope and prayers for a better future. If there is a chance for a better tomorrow we must work on seeing the Light. We must communicate... guide, and put order to our thoughts and actions. My project is a drop in an ocean of efforts, I hope and pray that we all join to bring our nations and our planet to a world of love for there is no life without Love. I direct my message to the leaders and the population, the leaders to assume their roles and start delivering basic requirements. To love the people, respect the People, be Loyal to the ethics of a republic and bring Fairness upon All! They are responsible! History, humanity, God holds them responsible ounce their oath is taken. And the people has a chance a new chance to choose... make sure this time they recognize who really loves them! Defeat anger, poverty, ignorance and chaos will perish for these are our biggest enemy. We are entering a new era... the era of a voice ... we made the change, we paid a high price ... lets not waist this sacrifice, our voice must contribute for a better tomorrow... Janine D.