Amish Girl - Tickling Video

By: laughinggastrailers


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Megan is setting up for a tickle video shoot. She's waiting on a friend who is bringing along a new girl who is interested in doing a tickle video. The new girl is from the amish community, and she is exploring the world outside her life with the Amish, and is particularly interested in tickling, which her playmates used to inflict on her mercilessly. Now, she wants to let loose, and find out if she still gets those strange feelings, and maybe she can find out what they mean. Megan and Eve are happy to accommodate, and use relentless tickling on the neophyte ticklee as they double team her with tickling, letting her get a taste of laughing gas as well, to relax the very nervous girl. Britney, even gets to return the favor, with a little payback for the two experienced ticklers.

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