Haifa Wehbe Shocking & True

By: cairo4448


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Arab stars exposed.Everyone knows Haifa Wehbe is not natural,but do you know how many surgeries she's had? Haifa Wehbe is a heavy user of cosmetic surgery.She has had a nosejob,lifted her eyelids,she wears contact lenses,bleaches her face & body,uses hair extensions,lifted her eyebrows,had an eyelift,breast implants, cheek injections,and I didn't mention in the vid,but she made her lips bigger.That is also obvious in the video.And probably more we are not aware of.Plastic surgery is getting more and more popular in the middle east.Why is everyone following the European standard of beauty? Please stay true to yourself.People who get so much plastic surgery are usually insecure,have low self-esteem,& feel ugly.I feel sorry for them.

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