How to Beat Resident Evil in Under 6 Minutes

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Edit: This is a video showing how Resident Evil is actually a very short game and is only long since you need to get items to get more items, etc. In my opinion, it's a nice view of the game from a developer's perspective, like how the "noclip" code (fly through walls) in Half-Life lets you see how the developers got all the scenes and objects working (like where the cart with the sample at the beginning comes from).

This video shows how to beat Resident Evil 1 for the gamecube in under 6 minutes! Before anyone spams me about it, I used an action replay :P

Turns out in order to beat the game you only have to "fight" 1 enemy (Lisa Trevor). If you look REALLY close in the Lisa Trevor fight, right when I knock off the last rock, Lisa hits me and I think I fell off the cliff and "die". The cutscene saved me XD

Items needed:
Stone and Metal object x 2
Wolf Medal
Eagle Medal
Master Key

The battery and flares are just sitting in the path, just grab them.

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