FOXY BROWN DRU HILL REMIX QuickDro '2010' W/lyrics [18+]

By: quickdro


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This is the 9th track from QuickDro's Licence 2 Spit mixtape


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Check da shine, on my white gold neckaless,
rapper, no ima spit sick specialist,
call me quickdro, or the best at this,
chasing dat paper, cuttin trees like a lumberjack,
give the rest a miss, old school like a thundercat,
run a track, let me lay the flow down nicely,
UK swagger, lookin so pricey,
Lacoste, lyle an scott man precisly,
Respect to everybody on the grind,
Wen I rhyme, I literally blow ya mind,
No doubt about it, dont have to shout it,
My flow will make you wanna, take off ya outfit,
sick to da bone, quick wid da phone,
Dial any bitch, dat'll put my dick in her whole,
Plots thicker, make ya sweat, like a peedo in mother care,
Saving all the good shit, for another year,

2010, REACT,
Ima take over the show, BIATCH,
You know, dro's guna blow,
Whole package, looks, style an a sick flow,
2010, REACT,
ima take over the show, BIATCH
you know, dro's guna blow, whole package,
looks, style, flow

Back wid another 16, groovy,
Spit words, like my wind pipe be an uzi,
Bllllllllll BANG! Wid da click clang,
Better open up wide, wen my big balls hang,
Den pull em up, dangle em down,
Wid a flow like this, im the man of the town,
Neva put ya hand, to the ground,
Put em to the sky, while I make a grand from a pound,
Make ya mentally an, physically feel,
Me, cuz, I am, lyrically ill,
not pinoccio bitch, im real,
if I fail rap, den i'll go on deal or no deal,
win a quarter of a mill, I cant die broke,
shit I gota die rich no joke,
so I constantly cum, wid da uk flava,
tella friend, to tell a neighbor, reem,


me, thinkin im one of the best,
make ya nod hard, till ya chin put a dent in ya chest,
rest, standard, let me take over,
flows hype, it could make a drunk man sober,
double jack d, is my fav,
love beer googles, they double my chance in a rave,
standard of pussy aint high,
aslong as I bang 2 girls a year, im the guy,
do I realy care, NO,
I love dumb bitches, oops I ment SLOW,
You know DRO, just aint, givin a fuck,
Dats why im over here, getin drunk, livin it up,
Rap how I want, called my flow for a reason,
Weezin, blaze, to much heavy breathing,
Leaving, neva, 2010, an its mine,
Wid dis rhyme design, now ya grieving,


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