Game Walkthrough No More Heroes 2 Desperate Struggle (H.Q.) Part 1 of 29 - Travis Touchdown

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Watch in High Quality when availableTHIS IS THE REAL GAME NOT A DEMOI know the game comes out only next Tue...
Watch in High Quality when availableTHIS IS THE REAL GAME NOT A DEMOI know the game comes out only next Tuesday. But thanks to a friend of mine who works in a game shop, she sold it to me before the release date so shush.This is gonna be a game walkthrough with Comments ON of me. I tell you right now if people just tell me to shut up, you will get block and your comment deleted. If you don't like the way i do stuff you can all go F*** yourself and get the game on its release date.This is uploaded before the release date hoping that Ubisoft or Youtube won't shut down my video... I know ubisoft is a bit Stingy about that. And it has the purpose of showing the game before it's release date so you can decide if you want to buy it or not.Of course Spoilers are not tolerate ... not that you can spoil me lol. But later on when the game will be release, spoilers will get their comment deleted and their account block... I know i say this in my every walkthrough but if i don't then people just feels like at the convention of a new release of a book.Anyway i hope you'll enjoy this walkthrough. I'll try to upload as many as i can during my weekend so you get as many video possible and if they are block, i'll reupload them on Tuesday.Part 1 : The story begins. I show the intro, the tutorial is explained by the game and myself. And we get the first cutscene as well as #51 rank. Of course we will try to go and steal his rank.I love his gun by the way... most extreme pistol ever.Oh if you want my thoughts on the game so far :WORTH EVERY PENNY. I love it. Soundtrack is kickass, gameplay mindblowing, any downside except you can roam free in the city anymore. Keep watching and please subscribe if you like this video check out my other walkthroughs they're awesome... especially my blind run of horror games (Silent Hill 2, Clocktower 3 and Rule of Rose)Thanks for watching and enjoy ! :D