Summoner Showcase -- Issue #34 -- Not Like The Others

By: RiotGamesInc


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Let's get right to it:

Chalk Jax on Sidewalk

Smoke brings out his inner child by drawing some cross-referencing skin art for the whole street to see.

Twitch the Menace

A skin idea if we ever saw one! Tipeapablo causes a ruckus with his fantastic style and neat idea.

Chiptunes LoL Theme

Dir3ctori and Ismo Laitela bring it to us old-school with some bleeps and bloops in this rousing cover of our game music!

Teemo Hat

Thislostpawn is a crocheting maniac with her Teemo hats! I wear mine to airports and get strange looks from people. Crochet goggles, represent.

I Report You Yesterday

Guardsman Bob is a name that needs no introduction, and he shows us how to use the report feature in a very intriguing way. It's our community pick of the week! (So you don't have to email about it now.)

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