CartCrash2002 - Volume 15 (2002-15 Corby)

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CART FEDEX 2002 CHAMPIONSHIP - VIDEO RACE RECAP - September 14 2002 -- Sure For Men Rockingham 500 -- Rockingham Motor Speedway -- Corby, England. The one stop in Europe for the '2002 FedEx Championship Series'. At the start, Carpentier fight Tagliani and get the position. Manning was the special guest of the event and had a solid race. Nakano hit the wall badly. He was not injured. Dominguez nearly lost it in the pits. Strangely, many drivers got pit stop over speed by one mile. It happened twice for Fernandez and that was enough for him. He retired and had a speech with CART Officials. Brack was the leader until he had problems in the last pit stop. Franchitti the Scott's man won in England followed by da Matta and Carpentier. Underdogs: Brack, da Matta, Carpentier. Mechanical: Tracy, Tagliani, Fittipaldi. Contact: Nakano, Kanaan. Retired: Fernandez. This summary stands 03 minutes 10 seconds. Music: 3 Doors Down - Better Life.

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