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The film opens with a young Rupa studying for her examinations while her parents and brother get ready to l...
The film opens with a young Rupa studying for her examinations while her parents and brother get ready to leave for a marriage function. On their way to the function, they meet with a fatal accident owing to drunken driving by Anand's father, Gopalan. The scene shifts to 8 years later where young children are learning Carnatic music from Rupa (Kamalinee Mukherjee). Rupa, who's working in an advertisement agency, is engaged to get married to Rahul (Anuj Gurwara), Managing Director of the agency. There enter Anita (Satya Krishnan), her neighbor and the kids who form an integral part of the humor quotient of the movie. The kids, Samatha and Srikanth constantly quarrel with each other. Maamma (English: Grandma), who lives with Anita, takes care of Samatha and Srikanth. Along with Anita, Rupa hangs out with a group of friends Radha, Ram, Ali and Patel. Rupa begins to pool up money for her marriage. One fine day, she gets to see the domineering nature of Rahul's mother and confides into Anita about her fears about the marriage. She decides to go ahead with the marriage assuming that Rahul's presence will eventually prevail over his mother's nature. Coincidentally, while they are speak at a temple, they notice a person who seems to be mentally challenged (Anand's father) ogling at them. When Rupa gives him the holy prasadam, he says "Thank you, Rupa". Shocked at how he knew Rupa's name, they quickly exit the temple. Anand is a happy-go-lucky guy who returns from America. His mother insists on him getting married and on one humorous instance, Anand meets Venkatalakshmi. Unfortunately, Anand doesn't like her attitude towards the poor and this marriage proposal falls apart. All seems well and the day for Rupa's marriage arrives. Incidentally, Anand and his father are also on the list of invitees. Just before the marriage, Rahul's mother creates a fuss about Rupa's marriage attire. Rupa retorts back and this enrages the lady. Rahul suggests Rupa to go according to his mother's wish for the moment and that, he shall take care of her later on. Rupa, in tears, agrees to go ahead and apologize to his mother. On her way, she overhears Rahul convincing his mom that after the marriage, she can exercise control over Rupa. In spite of this, she goes ahead and apologizes. But, Rahul's mother launches a verbal assault on her and embarrasses her. Rupa, unable to bear the humiliation, calls off the marriage. Anand happens to be a silent witness to this. He decides that she's the kind of girl he'd like to marry. Eventually, he moves into a portion of Rupa's house. Rupa tries to recover while Rahul keeps coming back once in a while asking her to reconsider. Whereas, Anand settles down at his new home. He befriends Samatha and slowly starts making friends with the rest. On one occasion when Rupa's friends, Ali, Ram and Patel get into a fight with the local goons over a game, Anand manages to save them by calling the cops. This helps his attempts to gain friendship with them. Occasionally, Anand makes several attempts in speaking to Rupa, but she doesn't entertain him. Anita realizes that Anand likes Rupa and suggests him avenues to befriend Rupa. Late one night, upon the death of Rahul's mother, Anand drives Rupa to Rahul's house. She comforts Rahul while Anand stays back for her. Rupa is thankful to Anand for being around and driving her back but, she realizes that he is jealous of Rahul. She slowly realizes that she began to like Anand. The story progresses and on Rupa's birthday, a drunken Rahul comes to Rupa's house and tries to sexually assault Rupa. Anand saves Rupa and throws Rahul out of the house. Anand gets angry at Rupa for bringing such a situation. He argues that she could have kept a safe distance from Rahul instead of exchanging regular pleasantries. Anand even brings her a birthday present and takes it back leaving behind a sad Rupa. Anand leaves the house and Rupa is dejected. After a brief hiatus, Rupa's happiness sees no bounds when sees Anand at a party. She expresses her love for him and the both rejoice. Anand introduces his parents to Rupa. Anand's father, who's negligent driving killed Rupa's family, is introduced saying that he was rendered mentally challenged after that fateful night. Rupa is devastated to hear to this and ponders on her marriage. Eventually, she realizes that the past can be forgotten as fate had served punishment to the responsible. She embraces her love and all ends well.