Bulgarian Bimbos - Part 2 - Moje Bi

By: travnaas


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The 3 Bulgarian girls and one lady returns with another epic, still keeping a tight grasp around me and my friends.

I recorded this myself from some weird channel many moons ago.

Again, please contact me if you can translate the whole lyrics or have any other info.

------- MAJOR UPDATE --------
Apparently, these girls have not written their own music! Youtubes friendliest user ever, operamusicfan (who seems to be a fan of a bit more than opera!) pointed out that this song is originally sung by a young woman which goes by the name of Ann-G. The song is named Moje bi, which means "maybe" (or something like that).

He/she also informed me that the Bulgarian Bimbos goes by the name "Rozov Sviat" (РОЗОВ СВЯТ), "Pink World". It's a good name - further cementing these girls as geniuses of our time.

One or two mysteries solved. But what about that other song? And who are those people?
I will not rest until these questions are answered!


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