Breaking News: Homosexuality in Barbados. [18+]

By: Roger Rudder


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Can Barbados become a country with major gay and bisexual population? The logic expressed in the video is sound: It seemed that a few prominent homosexuals in BLP could have set the alarming rise of homosexuality in Bados. Therefore: judging from Riahnna superstar status and her influence, it is quite possible - regardless of if she is bisexual, gay or not - that she could further inflate the gay population. It is not implicit in anything I have said that gays are incapble of running Barbados. In fact, the 'gays' in the BLP seem very capable of running a country. That should be the people who are supposed to be gay because I do not know who is gay. But judging from the above and the fact that the ways of the tourists affect Barbadians then it seems that state funds could have have been used to promote homosexuality directly and indirectly to Barbadians. Bukisa: Jamaicans fear of homosexuality dates back to the country's history. During the days of slavery and sugar plantations, African male slaves were sodomize as a means of breaking their spirits and emasculating them. The idea by the plantocracy was to reduce the black man's notions of fatherhood and distort his views of any masculine societal roles that he may have played in Africa. Sodomization often took place in public. This may include, white slave masters penetrating a black slave to the point where blood and fecal matter would be spouted from his cavity. This would take place in the presence of the slave population. Additionally, slave masters would coerce two black male slaves to have sex together as a sport before his European superiors. Due to the social and emotional degradation that was brought about by these forms of seasoning and black oppression, many Jamaican males are intolerant of homosexuals. The tales of such debasing acts were transferred through generations and today's population (progeny of slaves) censures Gays.
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