Rebecca Black - Friday (IN HELL) Official (CYNICAL MASS) Remix (Re-Upload)

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*******www.cynicalmass**** *******www.facebook****/cynicalmass Remix and visual effects edit of Rebecca Bl...
*******www.cynicalmass**** *******www.facebook****/cynicalmass Remix and visual effects edit of Rebecca Black's "Friday" by M.A.Y. of [CYNICAL_MASS]. Enjoy! NOTE: Due to the fraudulent claim by "Gameusa Software" it had been removed from YouTube after 4 days and over 300,000 views. We are working to get it back on YouTube, in the meantime this a temporary re-upload to satisfy those wanting to see it still. Please, please please please, do not re-upload it. We are trying to gain subscribers and views on our official channel for the work we have created. Makes sense right? Just to clarify, we are allowed to use Rebecca Black's "Friday" footage under section 107, Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use portion of US Copyright law. DO NOT FLAG US OR WE WILL RETALIATE. - M.A.Y.